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Taste wine like a sommelier

We have been attending classes with our friends who are opening a new winery in Spindale, NC. The classes are sponsored by the French Broad Vignerons. The classes are every Friday night for 12 weeks. Each week, we taste a different varietal that was purchased from a local wine shop. We were given the list and the case of different wines was purchased prior to the beginning of the classes. The first week was Sauvignon Blanc and this past week was Grüner Veltliner.

Taste wine like a sommelier classes sponsored by French Broad Vignerons

The focus of the education is to learn to identify the unique characteristics of each varietal to be able to identify it in a blind tasting. We go through the Court of Master Sommeliers Deductive Tasting sheet each week to learn color, nose, taste, clarity, etc. Rick Jelovsek is the host and wow do we learn a lot in a short period. This coming Friday’s Merlot and I can’t wait as I love reds. I bought a comparative Washington State Merlot to sample alongside what Rick has picked for Friday to contrast the difference. We love to expand our wine knowledge.


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